The Club maintains a listing of of cars for sale by reluctant owners.

This list can be made available by emailing to

or writing The Club.


When buying or selling Morris Minors in Australia, prices can broken down into three groups. Prices are in Australian dollars. Typical prices are as follows.


Group C

An Unregistered Sedan
A car that needs a good deal of work to bring it up to a standard that would be registered by the Transport Authority


$50 - $800


Group B

A Reasonable Registered runabout
A car that is registered for road use and can be driven in moderate use, but requires some either mechanical or cosmetic work to bring it up to Group A standard.


$1200 - $3500


Group A

Restored or Concourse
A car that has under gone a complete rebuild from the ground up covering all parts of the car.


$4000 - $8000


  • When looking at buying a Utility, Van, or an Original Convertible prices can be upto $1000 on top the above prices quoted for a sedan.
  • When buying a Traveller (Woody), Prices for these vehicle can start at $2500 and go up as high as $14000, depending as always on condition.
  • New wood rear sections for travellers can cost from $2000 - $4000 so this should be factored into the price when buying this type of vehicle.


i) It is generally considered that the price of a vehicle does not change with the age of the vehicle or its originality but purely by its condition and whether it is registered or not.
ii) Vehicles bought across Australian state boundaries are generally considered as an unregistered vehicle even if they are registered in the original state, as state laws for registration are less rigorous in states outside New South Wales.

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