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Vehicle Identification

To assist with identification of vehicles here is a list or Morris Minor Production Numbers.
Here is another document to assist in Identifying your Morris including items such as:
  • Broad classifications
  • Front Grilles
  • Lighting – Rear, side and head lamps
  • Speedometer Identification
  • Fascia Layout
  • Chassis Number Identification
  • Engine Information
  • Gearbox/Rear Axle Information
  • Paint/Trim Colour Schemes  and
  • Body Colour : Duration of use

For Sale

Morris Minor 1000 4-door Sedan
This car is possibly one of the best in the country for the model. Motor, gearbox and diff all excellent - twin carbys, no body noise, rides lovely and good black paint. New trim in car. Has radio, heater-demister, Morris Major front brakes, brake booster, good tyres & on club rego (non transferable) but will pass any test. No tyre kickers please.
Price $10,500
No emails, call Ray on 0439 411 675

January-February 2020
1961 Morris Minor 1000 4-door Sedan
Coffs Harbour vehicle. Perfect condition, hasn’t been started in a number of years (in storage/garage). No modifications and not under restoration. Speedo reads 01520. Lots more info/photos from…
Gareth Budge 0431 299 901

January-February 2020


Nothing to see here at the moment, but check back next month

January-February 2020